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Instructor de especialidades

2 extra weeks of internship

Discounts for courses, equipment and travel

Job opportunities

SSI Specialty Instructor

It is something straightforward, the more courses you can teach, the bigger is the job opportunities you will have all over the world.


The Specialty Courses can make you a more valuable instructor and can be a differentiation in your favor between you and the rest of the professionals. You will also have more possibilities for courses and students interested in learning from you and with you.

How is the Specialties program with Pura Vida Pro?

At Pura Vida Pro we offer seminars and training of various specialties in the professional field (write to us to organize your pack of Specialties).

The program lasts from 1 to 3 days, depending on the specialties and need for diving.


During the program you will make theoretical presentations of the chosen Specialty, we will dive to learn the skills of the course, you will understand the Instructor and student manuals.

How much does it cost to become a Specialty Instructor?

The price includes all taxes, materials, and celebration.


  • Pack with 5 Specialties: 16000 THB

  • A Specialty: 6600 THB


* You will need your complete diving equipment and personal diving insurance.

Increase your job opportunities!

Any extra information, our SSI Instructor Trainers, Renato Alves, and Santi Tinoco, are at your disposal to help you.


Don't hesitate and expand your job opportunities around the world!  

Take a look at the Pura Vida family videos!

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