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Becoming a dive professional

The path to becoming a professional diver is not so complicated, you choose the level you would like to reach, you follow the plan that we provide, and with your effort and our help, you reach your final goal.


We at Pura Vida Pro have developed Pro Packs to help you achieve your career plan in the most efficient way and saving some money along the way.


Professional courses are more than just courses that are completed to earn a degree or diploma. It is a life-changing process in which you will develop skills, working with different perspectives and making lifelong friendships.


Therefore, regardless of whether you enroll in any of our courses with the aim of becoming a Diving Professional, or simply to enjoy the experience and the underwater world, let us advise you with some factors that you should consider

Being a better diver and the duration of your courses.

It's no secret, the more time you spend underwater during your Divemaster or ITC , the better prepared you'll be.


Our programs last longer than most similar programs on the island. You can check the term of each program on the website.


We highly value training and time underwater. You will understand that work and diving courses are different from most activities and sometimes even a simple cold can make you get out of the water, so we always plan extra time, taking into account setbacks such as injuries, other activities, and rest time.


Therefore, we recommend that you extend your stay in Koh Tao as much as possible for your professional courses, most likely you will end up extending your time here anyway (it happens quite frequently, we tell you so from my own experience).

buzo profesional


Remember that you are training as a professional and it may be that your new profession for many years.


Everyone is struck by an offer and wants to save at all costs, but very often cheap is expensive. And even more so in diving and professional courses.


We offer you different Pro Packs to help you save money without ever losing our focus on the quality of training and from the beginning we value you as a future professional.


Maybe, you can save a couple of euros with other options, but, you should ask yourself:


What is your goal when taking a professional course?


So, assess your possibilities, goals, and future and choose thinking about the best for you.


And now that we cover the financial part, let's talk about the practical points when it comes to becoming a diving professional.

Is it possible to work at Pura Vida Diving Koh Tao?

Many of our students of professional programs have the objective and desire to be part of our team in the future, gaining real experience in the world of diving and hand in hand with the best professionals.


And if this is also your goal, you know what? That this is entirely possible. In Pura Vida Diving Koh Tao we have the satisfaction and pride of having a 100% trained staff in our PRO department, that is, all the instructors trained with us have the possibility of an internship to demonstrate their potential and earn a place in our team.


Belonging to our professional team for a few months or even years is something that you can consider and start to build that dream from your first year, with determination, enthusiasm, the desire to learn, work as a team, and become a respected professional. And the possibility of continuing to grow, developing skills, opening doors that you can't even imagine now, dream destinations, new job opportunities, etc.


In the Pro department of Pura Vida, we are clear that a good diving professional must have, among others, these three key characteristics:


  • A good professional is constantly learning. There is always something to improve and develop. Surrounding yourself with great professionals is an opportunity to continue growing and learning.


  • Teamwork is very important in Pura Vida, in diving and in life in general. It is an activity to do as a couple or in a group. But when it comes to work, all this intensifies and we must have the best predisposition, generosity and teamwork, to form the best possible human team and the best work atmosphere.


  • Empathy, or the art of putting yourself in the shoes of another person, be it a partner or student. This is undoubtedly key in our beautiful profession.


During the months of training as a diving professional you will learn many things and enjoy unforgettable moments, take advantage of the fact that you will be among the elite of diving in Asia and try to absorb all the knowledge. And if your dream is to work with us, start showing it from day 1 with us and then everything will come natural.

Skills development

During your professional training, you will develop valuable skills that will accompany you for the rest of your life and help you inside and outside the diving community.


  • Become a better communicator: During your training, you will have to face public speeches, a great skill to develop, although it may already be something easy for you. But of course, the more you practice, the better your diving knowledge will remain, the better communicator you will become, your staging will improve, your expressiveness, losing that shame that sometimes we all have, encouraging the participation of the class, etc. Remember, we are constantly learning.



  • Be a role model: As a diving professional, you will be an example for your students of tomorrow, as well as for other colleagues. With which you will have the opportunity to be a reference in conservation issues, diving safety, advice, and good habits, etc.



  • Transferable Skills: To your surprise, you will acquire and develop more skills than you now even imagine. Time management, problem-solving, public speaking, group control, working under pressure, empathy and teamwork, leadership, etc. Skills that will not only make you grow as a diving professional but as a person in your day-to-day life.


In general, it is incredible learning that we all carry out being here day by day, with our courses and after them. But if you still have doubts, you know, write us an email and we will delve into the subject you need. Or we can organize an online video chat for greater fluency and closeness.

This is the SSI professional career:

curso de buceo profesional en Koh Tao



First level professional, you can work with certified divers and as a snorkelling instructor.


Assistant Instructor:

The first professional level that allows you to work with non-certified divers.


Open Water Instructor:

Recreational diving instructor, you can teach initiation programs and some specialties


Advanced Open Water Instructor:

Recreational diving instructor with experience and more specialties.


Divemaster Instructor:

Recreational Diving Instructor who can start teaching pro courses, like Divemaster.


Assistant Instructor Trainer:

Experienced recreational scuba instructor and part of the instructor training team at the center.


Instructor Trainer:

Mentor and trainer of new instructors.

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