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crossover SSI en Koh Tao

Attendance at real courses

Discounts for courses, equipment and travel


Crossover to SSI

Are you already a diving instructor and want to increase your job opportunities?


Be part of the fastest growing diving agency in recent years, welcome to SSI.


The diving industry is always evolving, you as a professional should not get stuck.

How is the crossover program with Pura Vida Pro?

At Pura Vida Pro we have the appropriate and personalized course, so that you achieve your goal and become familiar with the teaching philosophy, materials and the SSI agency.


 During the SSI Crossover with Pura Vida we also offer you 2 optional weeks of attendance to real courses to develop your confidence and get to know the SSI system in the real world with real students.

You can start the crossover every month, (write to us to organize it). The program lasts from 3 to 5 days, depending on your skills, needs, and the number of candidates. Nevermore than 4.


During the program, you will develop important skills and learn the necessary knowledge to be able to teach with the SSI system:


  • SSI teaching philosophy

  • SSI flexibility rule

  • Total teaching system

  • MySSI and online applications

  • SSI business philosophy


We will also hold confined water sessions, where we will practice the new and adapted exercises for recreational diving, theoretical classes, and academic presentations to improve teaching techniques.


All this on the island of Koh Tao (Thailand), run by the number one training center for SSI in Asia. You will thus have the opportunity to dive with one of the best teams of SSI professionals, with long experience in recreational diving. Possibilities for internships and job options on three continents, 4 countries, thanks to the network of Pura Vida Diving centers, spread throughout the world.

Why crossover to SSI?

SSI is the fastest growing and most impactful dive training agency in the industry.


In addition to being technologically at the forefront and revolutionizing with its new teaching formulas. In continents like Europe, the network of SSI centers has multiplied in recent years, now being the main reference. And so on, in many other places around the world.

SSI has spread to more than 30 International Offices, with business in more than 110 countries, represented by more than 3,500 Dive Centers and Resorts. Training materials in over 35 languages.

Other advantages of being an SSI Instructor:


  • SSI rewards active instructors, each course you take you accumulate points, which translate into significant discounts on your annual renewal.

  • Quite more accessible rates than other agencies.

  • Support network of local business centers. For example, in Koh Tao we have an SSI help and support center just 1 minute from our school.

  • Free digital materials and updates for professionals.

  • The flexibility of teaching and student development.

  • Growing job opportunities around the world.

  • Ecological approach, free ecology and marine knowledge courses, no printing of plastic cards or books, etc.

How much does the Crossover to SSI cost?

The price includes all taxes, materials, the first renewal, Pura Vida Pro t-shirts and celebration.



* You will need your complete diving equipment and personal diving insurance.

Double or nothing!

With SSI you will increase your job opportunities as an Instructor.


Any extra information you need, our SSI Trainer Instructors, Renato Alves, and Santi Tinoco are at your disposal to help you.


Don't hesitate, expand your job options and get the SSI Crossover!

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