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Conviértate en profesional del buceo en Koh Tao

All courses up to professional

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Become a diving professional

Planning to enter the world of diving with the expectation of changing your life and becoming a professional? Or just dive headfirst into this activity?


To get to the Divemaster level, the first professional recreational diving cert, you have a few steps to follow, skills to develop, and experience.


The Open Water to Divemaster pack is the cheapest way to get out of zero experience as a diver and get to the first pro level.

What are the steps to go from zero to PRO?

At Pura Vida Pro we have the right course for you to achieve your goal and dive into the diving activity and reach the professional level.

Before starting your Divemaster you have to take all the previous recreational courses:


  • Open Water Diver SSI

  • Advanced Adventure SSI

  • React Right

  • Stress & Rescue SSI


Once the recreational steps are done, you can start your professional training.


The program lasts 10 weeks, where you will dive every day in the waters of Koh Tao with the best team of recreational diving instructors. All this on the island of Koh Tao (Thailand), run by the number one training center for SSI in Asia.

And why get to the level of Divemaster?

There are thousands of reasons to take the Divemaster course, the most obvious and simple one is that you want to become a diving professional and advance your career as a diver.


But, the divemaster is much more than a professional course, the DMT is a life experience. Diving every day with buddies on a paradise island is unforgettable.


Another reason to go for your DMT is that there is no way to dive so much, and so cheap. When you finish your weeks of courses you can look and do accounts and each dive will cost less than 7 euros.

How much does the pack up to Divemaster cost?

The price includes all courses up to Divemaster, fees, materials, Pura Vida and Pura Vida Pro t-shirts and celebration.

You can enjoy 2 days of free accommodation at La latina hostel, during your adaptation and arrival on the island.

  • THB64000

* You will need basic diving equipment and personal diving insurance.

Dive headfirst into scuba diving!

In the mood for a change of scenery and a lifetime experience? Throw yourself into the world of diving and you will not regret it.


Any info, do not hesitate to ask, our SSI Instructor Trainer, Renato Alves, and Santi Tinoco, and the Pura Vida Instructors team are at your disposal and will accompany you, help, and advise you throughout your journey to PRO.

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